Depending on the mood you are in or the feeling you want to express I do not think you can go wrong with this selection below and I will tell you why?

1. Paco Rabanne (1 Million) -  It has grapefruit, rose, mint and patchouli comes in bottle with gold ingot, the name alone could be translated into different meaning e.g. romance, date, friendship. 


2. Leane Arthes, Amore Mio (I love you) - Comes with heart shaped bottle, the message is already in the aroma which is flirtatious and can make 'the play hard to get' smile.


3. Britney Spears (Fantasy Intimate) - The name itself has already started your expression then leave the green freshness, tangy citrusy give the romantic and sensual aroma, I use the leftover to scent the room!


4. Carolina Herrera (212 Sexy) - I use this personally and can tell it attract attention even for compliment purpose due to it's seductive floral scent.


5. Amouage (Reflection) - Come with floral infused scent, get notice with your casual outfit.


6. J- Lo (Live) - Violet, Vanilla and Sandalwood scent, light up the mood!


7. Carolina Herrera (212 VIP Rose) - with amber and musk the scent will put a smile on a ladies face and make her feel independent just like it's origin.


8. Michael Kors (Wonderlust) - the name alone let has said it all just follow it up with caring attitude and attention.                

           Michael Kors (Wonderlust)               

 VIVA LA JUICY (Rosè) - Anniversary or just to revive that love at first sight feeling again, make them feel wanted. 



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