Save Your Marriage Using Only Gift Ideas!

I am not a counsellor and I know that is the most obvious place couples go to when there's crack in the wall but meeting and hearing people's conversation and been constantly asked if it was 'Me' what will I do?

What I certainly will not do is allow myself be 'kissed by all the single men' True Story in Denmark 

1. Retrace your step back to when you first met, was it love at first sight?rarely happen, if so what and how did you connect? anything in common like interest in Football, Car, Art, Travel, Scent, Entertainment e.t.c! Are you childhood sweetheart?maybe then you will know what makes your partner Vulnerable which in turn breeds trust, in fact you will be the first contact should anything go wrong with them.

2. Plan if your other half is Introvert like me then you can not sleep safely though we like to be alone, more observant less talking and you are going to need something extraordinary to make it worthwhile.

Gift Ideas:

  • Perfume- who does not love a good scent especially their favourite, it does not matter if it expensive as far as the message is loud and clear. Givenchy
  • Museum - Get the ticket of their favourite Artist, this will definitely surge their romantic feeling than ever before
  • Football - That away club match, they've been wanting to go but life keeps getting in the way, now you need to make them first priority.
  • Entertainment - I love Oldies, give me 90's music I will joyfully accept it but get them their all time favourite better still concert ticket, or he/she have night out with friends
  • Cars - Nothing beat Vintage, Retro in fact there are more silent female car addict than male but society has made it difficult for female to express their joy for gadget, mechanical items.
  • Travel - Does not have to be far, expensive, it could be local beach, out of town with good walk path like the Thames with beautiful and mesmerising sight.

Remember the above are worldly that will be used, might get lost, forgotten, when life take it's toll! the most precious gift you can give that will last a lifetime is Neverending Care, Love, Attention, Be Appreciative no matter the mood you are in and how you cherish and treasure the moment you were together.


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